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Pregnancy Counselling

It is normal to feel confused, alone and/or overwhelmed when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Taking the time to explore all your options will empower you to make the best informed plan.

Since 1985, Beginnings has been serving individuals and couples all across the cities of Ontario who are facing unplanned pregnancies. A Beginnings counsellor can help answer your questions in a safe, caring environment. Considering your options with a supportive, trained counsellor can help you decide what is best for you and your baby.

Ensuring you have all the information in making an informed decision in an important part of the counsellor’s role.  Our counsellors are there for you no matter what and will assist you in looking at your options, exploring supports, and connecting you with a health care
practitioner as needed. From the first phone call inquiry to ongoing counselling throughout the journey to ensuring supports are in place longer term.

Our Services Include:

  • Free pregnancy counselling and pregnancy support
  • Licensed, private open adoption services
  • Short-term foster care (if needed)
  • Community resource assistance

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“When I found out I was pregnant, I felt scared and alone. I had so many fears and questions. I wasn’t sure what to do or who to talk to about it.”

“I had an unplanned pregnancy.  I actually didn’t know I was pregnant until I was six months along.  A counsellor spoke with me about all the new things that I was dealing with at that time. She informed me that Beginnings isn’t JUST an adoption agency; they are also there to counsel you in making the decision that is right for you.  She brought me some books to go through that had topics and questions such as “Values,” “Will a Child Fit into My Life Style?” and “Where am I now?”  I had a lot of decisions to make in such a short time. Since then I am very proud to say that I am a loving and caring mother for my son. He is the best thing that has come into my life.  Once again thank you to Beginnings for all your help and support! I couldn’t have done it without you. “

~Quote from a Mother

Professional Counselling

Service Fees

All of our services to birth parents are free.

Call Beginnings now toll free on 1 877 528 6665 and let us help you.

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    Have Questions?


    Is there any cost to expectant parents for counselling?

    There are no costs.

    What if expectant parents can’t come to a Beginnings office to meet with a counsellor?

    Counsellors will come to meet birth parents in their community. If they live beyond a reasonable driving distance, Beginnings will arrange for a counsellor in the client’s community.

    What counselling services does Beginnings offer dads?

    The same counselling options are available to men who are considered or named as birth fathers.

    Does Beginnings have Foster Homes?

    Yes, sometimes foster homes are needed. It may be that parents are not sure about their decision to parent or make an adoption plan. The child can stay with one of Beginnings approved foster parents for a short term stay (up to 30 days) until a decision is made.

    Can birth parents visit their child in foster care?

    Yes. Arrangements are made with the foster parents to visit regularly. Extended family members can also visit.

    Are Beginnings foster care parents trained and experienced?

    Yes. Foster care parents are approved annually through the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. They are also offered educational training each year.

    Is Beginnings a licensed adoption agency?

    Yes. Beginnings is licensed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services to provide adoption services in Ontario.

    What additional resources are available?

    Providing additional resources to support health and well-being is important. Establishing community connections is a vital part of supporting our clients in building a strong support system. We work together with our clients to connect them with additional community resources including medical services, public health resources, mental health services, family support programs, and financial services. We are grateful for the many partnerships we have with hospitals, local public health services, and child service agencies.

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