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More Ways to Donate

Donate Online

To donate online, please click here to go to Canada Helps.

Donations on line can be made under any of the following categories:

* General Donation
* Monthly Donation – Become a FamilyBuilder!
* Honouring Someone by Making a Gift in Their Name
* In Memory of a Loved One

Canada Helps accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express.

Donate by Phone

To donate by phone, please call 1-877-528-6665.

Donations over the phone can be made under any of the following categories: 

  • General Donation
  • Monthly Donation – Become a FamilyBuilder!
  • Honouring Someone by Making a Gift in Their Name
  • In Memory of a Loved One

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express over the phone.

Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, complete the printer-friendly form available when you click here.

Donations by mail can be made under any of the following categories:

  • General Donation
  • Monthly Donation – Become a Family Builder!
  • Honouring Someone by Making a Gift in Their Name
  • In Memory of a Loved One

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and personal cheque by post.

Once completed, send the form along with your donation to the address below.

Beginnings Family Services Foundation
1801 – 1 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M4G 2N2

Also Donate By

Individual Fundraising

Here’s a handful of suggestions to help you get started or spark ideas for your own original Beginnings fundraiser.

  1. Raise funds for a special event on behalf of Beginnings, or start your own event! These could include a bike-athon, walk-athon, local penny drive, charity formal, bake sale, car wash – let your imagination loose!
  2. In lieu of a gift for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, an anniversary, dinner party – any occasion! – send a donation to Beginnings!

Planned Giving

When we think about making the world a better place, we tend to think about the things we can do in our lifetime.  But what about the difference we can make after?

By giving to Beginnings, you can possibly make a bigger difference than you ever could in your lifetime, without having to sacrifice your standard of living.  In fact, there are even financial benefits for your loved ones.

A planned gift allows you to leave a gift for Beginnings Family Services.  It can take the form of a bequest, a gift of life insurance, securities or RRSPs.

The benefits of planned giving don’t stop at helping people in need; they also include reducing taxes paid by your estate, supplementing your income and maximizing benefits to your estate and beneficiaries.

Your consideration in providing a planned gift – whether a bequest in your Will, a gift of life insurance or securities, or a charitable annuity – will help cover the cost of building strong families through infant adoption, embryo donation and professional counseling.

We can help build stronger families houses with your help.  By giving through Beginnings Family Services Foundation you can demonstrate the importance of family as the cornerstone to a healthy community.

To make a planned gift though a Will, insurance policy payout, stocks or other means please contact:

Eric Andrade
President and CEO, Beginnings Family Services Foundation

Phone: (416) 214 3443

Our legally registered name is:

Beginnings Family Services Foundation Limited

Our address is:

1801 – 1 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1W7

Involving Your Church

By involving your church you are putting your faith and love into action in a meaningful and powerful way. Each Beginnings family supported by your church serves as a lasting reminder of God’s grace. It is difficult to ignore such a tangible expression of love. The community notices when people work together as an instrument of God’s love. Within and among congregations, people experience a strong sense of unity and purpose when together they reach out to their neighbours in need.

How you congregation can help:

  • Pray for the work of Beginnings and families in need throughout Canada
  • Sponsor a Family
  • Make a cash donation
  • Offer in-kind goods and services
  • Gather members of the congregation to volunteer at a Beginnings event (no experience necessary)
  • Involve your youth group
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Invite a Beginnings representative to speak at your church to increase awareness

Corporate Fundraising


All of our activities are powered by the support of our partners.  Resources and support may be in the form of:

  • Donating financial resources to support the complete national Beginnings program
  • Providing necessary cash to cover some or all of the costs of a specific Beginnings program
  • Sending employees volunteering to work on a given Beginnings project for a day (no experience required!)
  • Giving in-kind services such as advertising, consulting and administration.

Corporate partners can sponsor Beginings in a range of ways that include sponsorship of:

  1. Beginnings event (golf tournaments, walkathons, etc)
  2. Corporate event (hold a dedicated event with proceeds directed to Beginnings)
  3. Beginnings service (support specific Beginnings services that reflect the organizational values)
  4. Beginnings product (Beginnings provides starter packages and care cupboard access for families in need with infant children)
  5. Beginnings facility (as an ever growing organization Beginnings offers corporate sponsors the chance to fund whole locations and specific rooms)

Corporate sponsors working with Beginnings can directly benefit through public recognition in a variety of ways that include:

  1. Web site advertising
  2. Web site feature articles
  3. Newsletter advertising
  4. Newsletter feature articles
  5. Web site Donor Recognition
  6. Newsletter Donor Recognition
  7. Site naming rights
  8. Room naming rights
  9. Service naming rights
  10. Product naming rights

What are your organizational strengths and goals? As a Beginnings partner, we’ll develop a customized plan based on the funds, expertise, or products you wish to donate, and the strategic objectives you aim to achieve. For example, we can help you:

  • Contribute to local communities of interest
  • Boost employee team spirit
  • Engage customers and vendors
  • Generate invaluable goodwill
  • Elevate your corporate profile
  • Gain local, national and even global recognition.

The result will be big returns that can be measured in more than just dollars. Your support will help us transform lives forever.

We very much appreciate your significant investment in helping build stronger families and stronger communities across Canada.  Thanks again!


With your understanding and support Beginnings wants to continue to serve God’s people widely and well.   To do so, we need you, your family, or friends to register or renew as Beginnings members.

Please call us on 1-877-528-6665 now to register or renew your membership.