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Beginnings has been arranging adoptions in Canada since 1985, so we understand all aspects of the adoption landscape. Reuniting with birth family is a major event in your life – one that has many layers and complexities. Our trained counsellors can help you, or refer you to qualified professionals. Whether you were adopted yourself, or you are a birth parent, Beginnings can assist you in the unique challenges of reunions with family.

Let us help. Call us toll free on 1 877 528-6665 or (905) 528-6665 or email us at at any time. We are here for you.

Adoption reunion counselling is generally offered on a fee-for-service basis.

Some Helpful Links

To learn about current law and policy in Ontario regarding adoption disclosure and reunions, please refer to:

Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

Searching for adoption records in Ontario at the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Government of Ontario

Searching for Adoption Information in Ontario at Service Ontario

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    Does Beginnings offer counselling to children adopted through Beginnings?

    Yes. Beginnings considers children placed through the agency as part of Beginnings family. There are several developmental ages and stages where a child’s understanding of adoption sparks questions or a need to know more. Beginnings counsellors will be there to help with these transitional times. Adolescents in particular may have added adoption related identity or separation issues that could benefit from meeting with a counsellor who understands adoption over the life time.

    Does Beginnings offer counselling to birth parents who placed through Beginnings?

    Yes. Birth parents will have the opportunity to continue meeting with their counsellor up to 6 months after placement of their child. Further follow up will be arranged as needed. Counsellors are also available to assist birth parents throughout the first year for with ongoing open contact arrangements.
    Most Beginnings birth parents develop a relationship with their counsellor and keep in contact over the years via email, calls and occasional meeting.

    Can Beginnings arrange for peer support for birth parents?

    Yes. A counsellor can connect a new birth mom with a birth parent who has placed her child for adoption. Peer connections can take the form of face to face or email.

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