Lisa and Brendon

Brendon & Lisa have been married for 17 years. We are looking forward to becoming parents through open adoption. We are active, outgoing and enthusiastic. We have close ties to the community and church. We believe that adoption is the right choice for us. We both have adopted siblings which has given us experience with adoption. We look forward to sharing our values such as fairness, responsibility & integrity with a child. We believe working as a team & being able to joke with each other is key to a successful marriage.



I am 42 years old and as a young girl I had a passion and a love for skating and animals. I started skating at the age of 2 and at the age of 7 I became a competitive figure skater. I went on to coach when I turned 17 and have been a huge part of children’s lives from the age of 2 to 20. I have loved working with children and coaching skating has given me that enjoyment. I have coached skaters at the recreational level and national level. Being in skating has helped me stay fit and active. Coaching skating has taught me how to read kids by watching their body language and by doing that it has also helped me learn how to motivate people.

In my spare time I enjoy showing my Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I always loved spending time with family pets as a child and that love has remained to this day. I feel it is important for kids to be a part of the community and to participate in sport as it offers so many life experiences that schooling does not such as camaraderie, leading a healthy and active life & how to deal with success and failure is all part of it.


I am 40 years old and I love being part of the community by helping through volunteer work such as firefighting. I have been operating heavy equipment since I was a young boy because my father owned his own business and I would go with him to work from time to time. I enjoy what I do and I am very good at it. With my heavy equipment background I have been able to travel the world and visit such places as Australia, New Zealand, Viet Nam, Myanmar and several other countries. Experiencing different cultures gives us an appreciation of our own and how fortunate we are.

In the spare time that I have I love to hunt and fish and just experience nature. I enjoy the sport of hunting and the friendships that are formed from this common interest. I especially enjoy waterfowl hunting because of the long season and the social aspect of the hunt.

My biggest desire is to be able to pass on some of my knowledge and passions to a child and raise him or her to be an effective contributing member of society.


We have both felt that adoption is the right choice for us as we both have adopted siblings. My brother is adopted & Brendon’s sister is adopted. Having that experience have better equipped us to having an adopted child. We both feel it is beneficial for a child to know their history and that they have communication with their birth family. We feel it is important for a child to know where they came from. Our goal is to give a child an unconditional loving home dedicated to supporting him or her in whatever path they choose in life. We both lead busy lives and we are hard workers but feel it is important to take time to travel and spend time together. With coaching skating it allows me to have the majority of my days free so it gives me the flexibility to be home to raise a family. Brendon’s work allows him to be home at night and to be able to take time off for trips or vacations for some family time.


12 years ago we purchased our first Rhodesian Ridgeback. This breed has amazing temperaments and is wonderful with children. After we purchased our first Ridgeback, I started showing them in conformation. It’s been a blast and we have a lot of fun. Having puppies occasionally keeps us hopping, but raising puppies is an amazing experience. We like having the security of having the dogs around as they fit in so well as a member of the family. Whether it be cleaning time, nap time or play time. There’s something about our dogs that tug at your heart.


We believe it is important as parents to be on the same page when it comes to discipline. We believe that positive reinforcement has far better results than negative. As a skating coach I have had to discipline skaters. I’ve seen parenting skills that don’t work and those that do. I feel taking away a cherished item or activity has worked well. We feel that consistency is a key factor in any parenting. We also feel that there is no shame in asking for help from professionals should it be needed. Implementing time outs for poor behavior then discussing it after creates an understanding of what behavior will not be tolerated. As a coach I always try to leave a session on a positive note and feel that is important for parenting as well.



Our home is located in the country on 72 acres. We are 20 minutes from the beach where we like to take the dogs for walks. We are 5 minutes from the school and 10 minutes from town where we do grocery shopping. We live in a quiet area just off a lake. We enjoy the space so we can take walks or spend quiet nights on the deck or hosting a bon fire. The house has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a big basement for lots of play.

We hope that this has helped give you a glimpse of the life that we have created and we look forward to sharing that life in an open adoption relationship with you. We appreciate you taking the time for us.

Brendon & Lisa

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