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Creating Your Profile

Your Profile is the booklet that that Licensees and Agencies will be presenting to birth parents choosing the adoptive family for their child. It may include a Birth Parent Letter speaking directly to the birth parents either as part of the Profile or as a separate document.


Include a page or two for each of you including education levels, what you do for a living, some description of your personality, special interests and abilities, something about your family background, ethnic origin, family celebrations or traditions you like to incorporate into your own family life.


When and how you met, what you like about your partner, what do you like to do together, how you spend you holidays.


Rural or urban lifestyle, including photos of your home and neighbourhood.


In this section you can talk about how you plan to discuss adoption (e.g. creating a Life Book) and your willingness to include the given birth name in the adopted child’s name


This section should talk about your values and your ideas on parenting—what kind of attitudes you wish to instill, your hopes and dreams and any expectations you may have for children, what you will teach them, what you would like to do with them, dad/mom activities. Ideas on discipline should be in this section as well.


This is the section where you talk about open adoption—about the contact you plan to have with the birth family through email, photos, visits.


Can be a separate section or included in the section on yourselves—state your affiliation, if any, and how you plan to raise a child. This is an important part of your life; you may also include this in your values and beliefs section.


End with a final paragraph to conclude your profile, speak directly to the birth parents, and then sign it.

We encourage you to have your adoption practitioner review this with you to see if it reflects who you are as individuals and as a couple. We will also review a draft copy of your profile with you at the time you come into the office for a Consultation ​at the time you come in to the office for a Consultation at Beginnings. The completed profile should be professionally printed, ideally using one of the available online “self-publishing” services.


  • Put a great photo of yourselves on the cover; the more recent, the better. Also put your first names on this front cover page
  • Remember that you are writing to birth parents of all ages, education levels, and backgrounds
  • Use simple writing style, a readable font size, and include a variety of photos that reflect your lifestyle, your home, yard, community and the important people in your life. Some Licensees don’t like you to include photos of your wedding but a wedding photo is fine for us since this is an important life milestone
  • Choose flattering photos
  • Keep it non-identifying with no last names or specific company you work for, to give you some privacy until you decide to share more when you meet the birth parents
  • Refer to the child as “your child” not “our” child
  • Try to be conversational, this is not a resume
  • A note about SIZE: if your profile is too big, it will not fit in filing cabinets and briefcases, and will not be easy to mail.

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